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Courses List


Applied Science is the application of knowledge in a natural science or art field to solve practical problems. The fields of mathematics, physics, biochemistry, and molecular science are related. 
• Biochemistry
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Mathematics
• Molecular Science
• Physics


A discipline on the art and science of designing, constructing, and managing buildings and other physical structures, to provide socially purposeful buildings. 
• Architecture
• Building Studies
• Construction Management
• Quantity Survey
• Town Planning


An artistic discipline that involves creativity and technical vocational skills, such as fashion, hairdressing and beauty, painting, photography, graphics and animation. 
• Animation
• Architecture
• Fashion
• Graphic
• Hair
• Illustration
• Interior
• Multimedia
• Painting
• Photography


Biotechnology is the the study of molecular and cellular properties, biochemistry, genetic engineering, pharmacology, fermentation technology, and many others. 
• Agriculture
• Food Technology
• Industrial
• Medical


Business & Commerce covers a wide division of trading, production, and services that deal with the exchange of goods and services from producers to customers. The study of management is to ensure that businesses operate smoothly. 
• Accounting
• Actuarial
• Administration
• Economics
• Finance
• Human Resource Management
• Islamic Finance
• Logistic
• Marketing


Communication studies deals with communication processes through a wide variety of mediums such as the Internet, newspapers and television. Communication can exert enormous power and influence in a society. Media studies involves the collecting and informing of topics from political, social, economic, and cultural aspects in a given location. 
• Advertising
• Broadcasting
• Creative Writing
• Event Management
• Film & TV
• Journalism
• Mass Communication
• Public Relation


Computing is a discipline that covers the development and usage of computer hardware and software. Information Technology (IT) is concerned with the design, implementation, management and engineering of computer hardware and software. 
• Artificial Intelligence
• Computer Science
• Game Technology
• Networking
• Programming
• Software Engineering



Education studies involves training and lessons on becoming an educator in positions related to education (primary, secondary, special education). Language studies prepares opportunities for careers such as translator and language teacher. 
• Counselling
• Early Childhood
• English
• Physical Education
• Primary/Middle School
• Special Education


Engineering is the discipline of applying technical and scientific knowledge to design and implement structures, machines, systems and materials. Bridges and factory machines are some of the products of engineers. 
• Automotive
• Aviation
• Chemical
• Civil
• Electrical & Electronics
• Energy & Environment
• Mechanical
• Mechatronic
• Nanotechnology
• Petroleum
• Power
• Robotic
• Telecommunication


Environmental Science is the understanding of the natural environment and the interactions of biology, chemistry and physics. Career opportunities include zoology, marine, agriculture and geology. 
• Agriculture
• Animal
• Aquaculture
• Biodiversity
• Forestry
• Geology
• Marine
• Zoology


Health & Medical Science deals with the research and study of the human body and health-related concerns, with an emphasis on developing remedial and preventive drugs to cure diseases. 
• Biomedical
• Chinese Medicine
• Forensic
• Medicine
• Nursing
• Nutrition
• Optometry
• Pharmacy
• Physiotherapy
• Radiological
• Speech Pathology


Hospitality & Tourism studies prepares students to serve guests or visitors with goodwill. It looks into the relationship between the host and the guest. Industries such as casinos, hotels, restaurants, and cruise operations are some of the career opportunities that graduates can look into. 
• Cruise Operation
• Culinary Art
• Hotel Management
• Recreational Management
• Tourism


Humanities & Social Sciences is concerned with human and acute behavioural, social and emotional lives, from individuals to groups. Studies include psychology, philosophy, history and archaeology. 
• Anthropology
• Archeology
• History
• Philosophy
• Politics
• Social Work
• Sociology


Law & Legal Studies is the study of a system of rules used as a mediator in human relation. It fosters understanding of how society functions, and develops analytical and logical reasoning in students. Types of law include property law, international law, criminal law and trust law. 
• Criminology
• International Relations
• Legal Practice


Music & Performing Art involves the understanding of music and its history, and all other music and performing related fields. Emphasis is placed on developing musical, teaching, and performing skills. 
• Audio Production
• Classical Music
• Composition
• Contemporary
• Dance
• Drama & Theatre
• Popular Music
• Stage Performance


Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought. It is an academic discipline and a social science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. 
• Clinical
• Cognitive
• Counselling
• Educational
• Forensic
• Health
• Organizational
• Sports

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