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A Singaporean, Associate Professor Dr. LIM Wai Mun is an academic in the Higher Education sector with over 20 years of extensive experience, specialising in Higher Education Quality Assurance. These include proficiencies in collaborative arrangements with external institutions of higher learning, as well as managing undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. degrees at a UK university.

At G-UCAS, Wai Mun is designated as Chief Quality Officer, CQO for QERA (Qualified Education Referral Agent) Programme of the Company. She is heading a key team to conduct quality control, improve, and upholding the Brand and Quality of G-UCAS QERA, which shall directly contribute to the growth of QERA globally. She will also play significant roles to consolidate the partnership between G-UCAS and its partner institutions worldwide.

Wai Mun is currently in her third year of pursuing her Education Doctorate with Cambridge University, UK. Her research covers higher education pathways and quality considerations in collaborations, alliances and mergers in the sector. She is keen to promote and uphold high academic standards, quality experiences and excellent outcomes for all students of higher learning in Singapore, Malaysia and Asia as a whole.

Wai Mun thrives in a higher learning environment where her performance directly impacts the institution and its external partners. Being the head of a programme for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree programmes. She is responsible for ensuring her programmes adhere to the quality frameworks of both the institution and the national regulatory body, evident by the annual submission for quality review. Wai Mun is also an academic practitioner with the ability to identify innovative practices where appropriate opportunities and support for learning are made available for students. Over the years, she has been involved in a range of approvals, validations, and periodic reviews of Higher Education programmes.

Wai Mun graduated with PhD qualification from the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom. She also holds MBA (Master of Business Administration) qualification from Leicester University, United Kingdom. Her first degree (BA Economics & Sociology) was obtained from National University of Singapore.

Among few Professional Memberships that Wai Mun is currently holding are the Fellow of Higher Education Academy (FHEA), and Fellow of the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (FCTH).

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